Reviews:  David Lear  “Walkin’ A Thin Line” CD Single


I guess I must know, I was walking my thin line, which is why I probably didn't want to walk another! It's a super song, love the lyrics, especially the last line "there's a train comes this way you'll be better to take when you're walkin' a thin line"... and that Lazy Brad Lewis on the guitar. Amazing! I said "what a song for Lyle Lovett!" Another super song by David Lear. That lead guitar and cover artwork takes the cake!!! – L. Luna / Lunar Light


Reviews: Nob Hill Billys “Dang!” CD


“Marvelous! The whole album comes together nicely. Lyrics, vocals and instruments blend wonderfully. The songs stay in your head and the lyrics are thoughtful too. Good one!”  – Cathryn Ellis


“It's not an easy thing to do, put out a CD where every song is good and you want to listen to the whole CD. I've listened to it so many times. Why I love, "Old ABQ" the best is because it's, to me, very autobiographical.  I think it's a classic that could turn into a 'standard”. – Louise Luna.


Blog Bites: Musicians on Nob Hill Billys “Dang!” CD


Fiddle/Violinist Chris Murphy recorded several tracks on David Lear’s Nob Hill Billys “Dang!” CD bringing his touch to their Alt. Country roots. He has recorded w/ John Doe & DJ Bonebrake (X/The Knitters), Nels Cline(Wilco), Larry Taylor (Canned Heat) check his site at


Guitarist/Vocalist Lazy Brad Lewis co-produced The Nob Hill Billys record bringing his mandolin, pedal steel, banjo values to the mix. He is currently on tour in support of latest CDs “All My Friends Are Bartenders” and Down Inside” (Full Tail Wag /ASCAP). He’s played with Brother Weasel, Sherpas & Soulcasters. More at

Docudrama of American Underculture...

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Pictured with David  Lear

(in photos left to right)

w/ Johnny Gimble (Fiddle) Austin TX

w/ Hammer (Gore Gore Girls) at SXSW

w/ Will May (Harp) Funky Buddha Boca FL

w/ Lazy Brad Lewis (Guitar) Tucson AZ

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