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David worked for feature “Seabiscuit" on location at Santa Anita Race Track with a tight security list of crew and executives. At wrap he procure a race horse named "Cody" for training as a Hunter/Jumper in Austin, TX.


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Worked George Clooney's first directorial called "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" with Drew Barrymore. Shooting in Los Angeles and Nogales, Mexico where was bilingual director assistant. He also performed an impromptu musical performance for crew at a production bash.


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On feature film "Undisputed" with Ving Rhames, Peter Falk & Wesley Snipes shot primarily in Las Vegas and surrounding area prisons he worked as production assistant.


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While working in Art Dept. for Witchcraft 7 Director Michael Paul Girard pulled Lear out of the crew to have him star as character of “Priest” much to his surprise, quipping “you sure you don’t want me to play a sinner”.